Architecture is an amalgamation of the aesthetic spaces and the technical skills in context to the environmental settings. There is a growing respect for architecture as one of the top academic disciplines, a design practice, and a practical business closely connected with the largest segment of investment in the economy. Architects are called upon to think of concepts, plans and accomplish construction tasks and take other decisions related to setting up a physical environment in a diversity of surroundings.


The School of Architecture and Planning, a diverse community of practitioners and teachers aim to be globally acclaimed for academic excellence in theory and practice; empowering future design professionals with core values of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, ethical behavior and learning to engage architecture in its civic, social, and professional realms for the benefit of the built and natural environment through innovative open exchange and dialogue between faculty and students.


The mission of the school is to nurture design-minded, globally competent students focusing on the basic premise of the profession; health, safety and welfare of the public through:

  • A progressive and dynamic curriculum incorporating changing needs of society and profession to be taught by highly competent interdisciplinary team of faculty of professionals and academicians.
  • Hands-on, process-based learning through problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Hands-on, process-based learning through problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Creation of awareness among students regarding responsibilities of built environment on communities in the realm of social, political, environmental and economical issues in creating a sustainable future locally, Internationally and globally.
  • Engagement in productive partnership with academia, industry and Government.
  • Sensitization in various social, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds in making them responsible, versatile, creative and compassionate citizens.
  • Encouragement, engagement and active participation in community based projects, locally, Internationally and globally.
  • Generation and preservation of knowledge for the students, profession and community of scholars.
  • Contribution to the design profession around the globe through educational innovation and academic outreach.

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) programme aims at achieving a high level of appropriate quality in architectural design. Both theory and workshop training are the fulcrum of the curriculum with critical ideas being delivered by professionals focusing in the fields of design, humanities, engineering and technology. A sturdy ground work of inter-disciplinary skills interconnected to spaces and construction settings are presented to the scholars. Amid others, these skills consist of illustration, architectural exhibition, research and writing, computer applications, technical and managerial abilities in problem description and resolution.

The programme is designed for five years and is distributed into two phases. The first phase comprises of three years of full time study monitored by hands-on training in professional workplaces or at building locations. The second phase entails of full time study for one and a half year, wherein each and every student is supposed to write a research based dissertation, prepare for a conference and present a project thesis alongside compulsory and elective theory courses.

Throughout this five year programme we strive to provide a comprehensive architectural training, which we consider, opens avenues to several other vocation selections and job prospects for personal benefits of the scholars in the public, private, NGO and multiInternational corporate sectors.


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